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The Ultimate Fusion in Trend Coming into Town - Limited Draw Release!






The "BE@RBRICK MACAU Art Exhibition" held by Forward Fashion Group since 2019 has become one of the trendiest art events in the city. It has consistently garnered love and anticipation from art enthusiasts and tourists alike, drawing them to Macao to participate in the event. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary celebration of BE@RBRICK MACAU and coinciding with the "Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023", Galaxy Entertainment Group, MEDICOM TOY and Forward Fashion Group will collaboratively present "BE@RBRICK MACAU - The World's First Immersive BE@RBRICK Art Exhibition" in Macao on July 29th. More than 10 creative art units created the 2023 limited series and made their debut in the exhibition, leading the trend of art in this summer and autumn!



BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 Limited Series

The BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 Limited Series will introduce 12 brand-new BE@RBRICK designs, each presented as an exclusive collector's item. Collaborating with renowned artists such as BLACK Scandal Yohji Yamamoto, Giuseppe Zanotti, Kolor, La Maison du Chocolat, Marc Jacobs, Mira Mikati, MY FIRST BE@RBRICK B@BY, Neil Barrett, Roberto Cavalli, Sandro, Senado Square, and UMJ, these unique BE@RBRICKs showcase a captivating fusion of artistic elements and creative ingenuity, making each one a one-of-a-kind and highly sought-after collector's piece.



Mira Mikati

This extraordinary BE@RBRICK collaboration with Kolor by Junichi Abe highlights the striking combination of a futuristic mirrored metal and vibrant wooden elements. The face infuses a frisky touch with sketched facial expressions, adding a sense of humor and mischief to the entire piece.




This extraordinary BE@RBRICK collaboration with Kolor by Junichi Abe highlights the striking combination of a futuristic mirrored metal and vibrant wooden elements. The face infuses a frisky touch with sketched facial expressions, adding a sense of humor and mischief to the entire piece.



BLACK Scandal Yohji Yamamoto

This groundbreaking collaboration between BLACK Scandal Yohji Yamamoto marks the first-ever BE@RBRICK MACAU collaboration for the brand.

The design embraces the rebellious essence of Yohji Yamamoto's black aesthetic. The hand-drawn graffiti-style text adds an element of rawness and individuality.



La Maison du Chocolat

This collaboration piece with La Maison du Chocolat introduces an unprecedented material—velvet, imitating of the luxurious texture of their truffle chocolates. The velvety crimson canvas of the design reinforces a unique blend of sweetness and elegance. The space is filled with petite macarons with ravishing glow that is visually captivating and deliciously tempting.



Roberto Cavalli

This BE@RBRICK designed in collaboration with Roberto Cavalli is a rich tapestry brimming with animal patterns. It features stripes resembling a tiger for the head and sleek spots reminiscent of a leopard on the body. The design unravels the opulence and impeccable craftsmanship synonymous with Roberto Cavalli.



Neil Barrett

As the fifth BE@RBRICK collaboration with Neil Barrett, this design follows the brand's iconic striking lightning bolt framing the body— reminiscent of previous designs. This year, it embodies a blue botanical print intertwined with glimpses of ninjas' eyes that uncover a fanciful story.



Marc Jacobs

The vertical arrangement of typography embodied in this BE@RBRICK collaboration represents the signature monogram of Marc Jacobs. It exudes electrifying energy, boldly announcing the brand's renewed vitality and fearless self-expression.




As a strong element of SANDRO’s visual identity, the brand seamlessly incorporates the iconic cross print, blending French modernity with exquisite refinement in this BE@RBRICK collaboration. The print cascades from top to bottom in a gradient of stunning hues of red—it is truly a work of sophistication and contemporary allure.



Giuseppe Zanotti

The bespoke BE@RBRICK has used a glossy black base, adorning the figure with contrast silver ears and hands; a micro illustration of crystals applied across the face and feet.




This mesmerizing "MY FIRST BE@RBRICK B@BY" is a collaboration piece with renowned artist Chiaki. It depicts a vibrant summer garden in Tokyo, adorned with “Mangekyo”, a variety of Japanese hydrangeas in shades of pink and purple. As light dances upon its surface, the figure shimmers with an iridescent brilliance—beholding a moment frozen in time.




UMJ infuses playful aesthetics and delights as a kaleidoscope of candy-inspired colors into this BE@RBRICK. Celebrating the simple pleasures of life, it unveils a translucent form that holds a whimsical surprise within—delicate butterflies nestled gracefully.surprise.



Senado Square

This Senado Square BE@RBRICK captures a collision of east and west, embracing ancient Chinese ceramic motifs that symbolize the convergence of forward-thinking aesthetics and time-honored traditions. On the face, Stella Maris (The Star of the Sea) emerges as a representation of hope for the people of the sea. The celestial globe on the front chest depicts the maritime explorations and historical connection between Portugal and Macau. The bottom part of the piece features a decorative pattern reminiscent of azulejo panels, a traditional architectural ornament of Portugal. The fish motifs within the panel design hold symbolic significance, representing the water as a means of preventing fire and providing a sense of security and well-being. This iconic BE@RBRICK serves as a testament that marks the historical ties and exchange between the two cultures.



The World First Immersive BE@RBRICK Art Exhibition- This Summer A Must-visit Urban Art Landmark in Macao

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of BE@RBRICK MACAU with a more vibrant and joyful atmosphere, the "BE@RBRICK MACAU - The World's First Immersive BE@RBRICK Art Exhibition" will kick off on July 29th at Galaxy Macau! As the largest-scale BE@RBRICK art exhibition of the history of Macao, it combines technology and digital art to present a cultural fusion of the trend and art.

The exhibition is presented in multiple zones, including Pearl Lobby,a debut of the BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 Limited Series and multiple 2-meter-tall 3000% art installations, along with interactive elements of augmented reality. The outdoor lawn near Diamond Lobby will showcase the world's first and tallest MY FIRST BE@RBRICK B@BY 10000% inflatable art installation at over 7 meters in height, destined to become a must-visit pilgrimage site in Macao. Entering GalaxyArt, you are invited to explore our collection of over 50 BE@RBRICK art pieces from previous collections, the BE@RBRICK Garden and BE@RBRICK Infinity, where the exhibition zones have been transformed into immersive art experience spaces enriched with the debut of the world's first BE@RBRICK digital art, creating a gathering of numerous exhibition highlights and providing a unique journey into BE@RBRICK art.



For BE@RBRICK fans who wish to collect the BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 limited series and visit the exhibition on sight, please remember to follow the official WeChat public account (ID:bearbrickstore) or visit the official draw page for further details!




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BE@RBRICK MACAU 2023 Limited Collection - Registration Details

Online Registration: From 07/29, 2023 10am --07/31, 2023 11:59pm 

Announcement of the Registration: 08/04, 2023


Notice: All participants must register with their real names, and provide contact numbers and follow-up work procedures; please read the relevant instructions carefully before registering.

Additionally, the official website has a dedicated section for Japan-exclusive BE@RBRICKs, allowing fans to get an early taste of the BE@RBRICK MACAU 5th-anniversary celebration. Quantities are limited, so first come, first served! For more details, please visit the official website.


About Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited

Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited is an integrated group with three synergistic business segments - fashion, art and lifestyle - and a commitment to creating innovative retail business model. With a track record of managing over 100 brands, the Group has helped many brands to establish their first presence in Greater China. In recent years, the Group has actively enhanced its operations and developed its own brands, such as Artelli, ASCE, UMJ, WF Fashion, to further enrich its brand portfolio. Leveraging its extensive retail experience and IP resources, the Group has spearheaded exclusive collaborations with brands and cultural and art communities to expand into the international market.

Mr. Fan Wing Ting, Patrick, is the founder, chairman and executive director of Forward Fashion Holdings. In 2005, he founded the first company of the Group in Hong Kong focusing on fashion apparel retail in Greater China. Following the Group’s 2020 listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Forward Fashion has embarked on eCommerce platforms and introduced international fashion and artistic brands and visionary international art projects to Greater China. The Group aims to cater for the preferences and needs of local youths and promotes business diversification.



Established in 1996 under the slogan “Making things that we want rather than product development based on marketing”, MEDICOM TOY designs and produces various character figures in a wide range of categories from movies, TV shows, comics, video games and etc. In 2001, the company created a bear-shaped block type figure “BE@RBRICK” which has collaborated with various artists, brands, companies and characters from all over the world. MEDICOM TOY also has a wide range of business activities, including the development of a textile brand “FABRICK®” and the production of “Sofvi.” MEDICOM TOY is running six retail stores with different characteristics ("Project 1/6", "MEDICOM TOY Solamachi store", "MEDICOM TOY PLUS", "2G”) in 3 cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.


About BE@RBRICK Store

The BE@RBRICK Store, created by Forward Fashion Group, is the first authorized BE@RBRICK Store in Greater China, which is also the first and only retail store out of Japan. It is located at Galaxy Macau, a five-star Asian resort in Macao.

Inspired by the infinite multi-dimensional space, BE@RBRICK Store presents unprecedented high-end style with simple style and advanced technology.

In addition, the BE@RBRICK Store features a selection of highly priced and collectible BE@RBRICKs, allowing guests to view auction-quality artworks up close and personal. A limited number of exclusive BE@RBRICKs from Macao can also be available for sale at the shop, giving guests an exclusive experience.


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